Your pain treatment with Acupuncture and LLLT was a saving grace!

I wanted to share a recent letter we received from a patient who was experiencing acute, severe jaw and tooth pain.  She came for a series of Acupuncture and Laser (LLLT - Low Level Light Therapy) treatments to decrease inflammation and improve cellular health. 

Hello Ryan-What a nice surprise to receive your message! I can’t tell you how much I have been thinking of everyone at Acubalance. I hope you are all well and coping through this. Such strange your message is all the more meaningful to me.

My face/jaw/mouth are doing fine - your treatment was a saving grace! And I truly mean 'saving' as my dentist was concerned that I would lose multiple teeth.
I do have the occasional twinge (nothing in comparison to what I initially experienced) and I calm it with rest/arnica/warm compress.
So... thank you for your excellent treatment, care, and follow up!

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