Therapist and Fertility Acupuncturist All-in-one

Kathleen has been amazing. Not only is she a wonderful acupuncturist, but she is much more.

From the first day I met her, she impressed me and I felt a wonderful connection. She asked for my background, i.e. my fertility story thus far. As I was telling her what my husband and I had gone through thus far, she asked me "why do you want to have children". That question hit me hard because nobody had ever actually asked me that before.  I choked up when answering her question. Every visit after that, she helped me focus on that.

I told her once that she was a therapist and acupuncturist all in one. After about 5 years (on and off) of trying to conceive, we finally made it happen.

I am so thankful for Kathleen and everyone that I have received support from at AcuBalance.


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