Thank you Dr. Kali for being just as present as you would be had we met in person

Hi Dr. K! Thanks for the Telehealth visit! I found the session only lacked one thing and that was your usual urine/saliva/blood check on my acidity and cortisol levels. I always like getting that immediate information when I see you in the clinic. It also feels specialised, something that is unique and not commonly offered. I understand though that this is impossible at this time! However, everything else that we covered felt just as valuable in our video call as it would be in person. I think it may be a nice option to have this down the road should clients wish to meet with you, but are ill and unable to leave home.

We covered all of my concerns including supplementation, diet, future blood tests and steps to carry my health forward. I appreciated having all of my questions and concerns addressed in the comfort of my own home. You also made it smooth by setting up an order of new supplements for me that would be delivered to my door. Thank you for quickly sending over all documents and being just as present as you would be had we met in person.
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