Sperm Count Increased by 4x - IVF Success After Male Factor Failed Cycle

After a failed IVF/ICSI cycle, our doctor at the fertility clinic advised us that my sperm parameters were likely the culprit, and without an improvement there was probably no point in even trying another cycle. He referred me to Acubalance, suggesting that it was our best hope of having a successful cycle in the future.
I began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ryan Funk, and he also put forward a program of exercise, diet improvements, herbs, and supplements. In addition to marked improvements in sperm parameters, his program definitely improved my overall health. Ryan was very understanding, patient, and encouraging through the whole process.
While my sperm count didn't increase enough to conceive naturally, it was up 4x higher than its previous level, and all of my other parameters also improved. We began a second ICSI cycle a couple months ago and are now 9 weeks pregnant! Ryan and the staff at Acubalance deserve credit for helping get us here, and I'd definitely recommend them to couples struggling with male-factor infertility.
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