Rollercoaster ride of excitement, anticipation, depression, and disappointment

For one and a half years, I have lived on a roller coaster ride of excitement, anticipation, depression, and disappointment. This is how long it took my husband and I to get pregnant. We were charting, timing, measuring, researching and talking about getting pregnant to the point where we were no longer making love - we were "making baby." Our life was consumed with trying to get pregnant - I was becoming emotionally and physically drained. After a year of no baby, medical doctors that I consulted with were quick to recommend infertility treatments without investigating other causes for not conceiving. I wasn't interested in pursuing artificial reproductive infertility treatments - this would be a last resort for me.

I attended a lecture on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and how it can increase your chances of conception. I made an appointment with TCM practitioner Lorne Brown and immediately I knew that acupuncture was the best place to start. Through this process, I realized that stress and the lack of relaxation was a huge factor contributing to my inability to conceive. After each acupuncture session, I felt calm and grounded. I was able to address my anxieties as well as my fears about infertility, pregnancy, and my previous miscarriage. After four months of acupuncture, Chinese herbal teas, massage therapy, and stress management, my husband and I conceived. I strongly believe that TCM and acupuncture played a big role in helping me become pregnant.

We are six months pregnant (as of mid Jan 2004) and I am forever grateful to Lorne for his genuine concern and gentle guidance. I cherish every moment of my pregnancy, including all of the punching and the little kicks. It is an unbelievable process and I am looking forward to meeting our baby in May.



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