pregnancy Success Stories

Pregnancy can FEEL WONDERFUL!

I always knew I wanted acupuncture as part of my wellness treatments during pregnancy knowing I am still working on some past traumas and previous back injuries that would affect my pregnancy. Then COVID happened! The added anxiety on top of dealing with a recent pregnancy loss was all too much for me.

I have definitely found that our e-visit was helpful!

Hi Dr. K,   Thank you for your follow up!  

46 years old and a healthy VBAC thanks to Dr. Emilie and the Acubalance team

I want to thank Dr. Emilie so much for helping me through a very anxious time of my life.

My Body, Baby, and Birth were Smoother and Healthier

I began seeing Kat for acupuncture treatments during the final trimester of my pregnancy. My intention was to support my physical health as I prepared my body for birth, but with Kat, I got so much more.

She took so much time with me at each visit, asking me insightful questions and listening with depth and curiosity. I could tell she really wanted to treat my whole person, not just my pregnancy or my symptoms. I left every visit...

acupuncture led me to a calmer and more pleasant birth

I was just over 36 weeks pregnant when my water broke but there were no signs of contractions. Just shy of being considered full-term, I was given no choice, I had to be medically induced and there was no grace period - it had to happen as soon as a delivery room became available at the hospital. Of course, I was quite anxious about having to be induced, as I am aware of the statistics indicating that medical induction often leads to further...

blood platelet count had fallen Homebirth in jeopardy

In my 38th week of pregnancy I was told that my blood platelet count had fallen to a level low enough to put my plan for a homebirth in jeopardy.

This is my first pregnancy and I was pretty upset that this option might be taken away so close to my due date. A midwife friend of mine recommended acupuncture and pointed me in the direction of Emilie Salomons at Acubalance.

Pregnancy workshops

Pregnancy workshops by Dr. Emilie Salomons Dr.TCM, FABORM, Doula


'I got so much out of your workshop, and am so impressed with the resources that parents have access to in your area.   Thank you for doing what you do, and for the generous spirit you bring to your work.  Those Vancouver-area families are truly fortunate to have you...'

I came to Acubalance for acupuncture when I discovered my baby was breech at 34 weeks.

At 34 weeks I discovered my baby was breech.

I had an ECV scheduled with an OB to flip the baby manually at 36.5 weeks if the baby would not flip on its own by then. 

As soon as I found out I started weekly treatments with Acubalance with acupuncture and moxibustion. They were very helpful and also sent me home with some moxibustion sticks to use on my own to help turn the baby.

Induce labour naturally with acupuncture

Hi, Raeghan!

Well, whatever you did to help induce me - worked!!  On Friday, it seemed like early labour was setting in, cramping was getting well underway by 10am. I went to hospital about 5:30pm or so and Brielle was born at 8:11pm. I am just so happy she is on the outside now! I will definitely be coming back to see you again for future babies as it seemed to work like a charm!

Thanks again for everything!