Chronic Digestive Pain, Pin Pointed and Relieved Through Acupuncture

My first visit to Acubalance was because I was struggling from chronic digestive pain with acute attacks of severe pain. Up until then, when the pain was intense, nothing helped except anesthetic. But Alda was able to help me manage the pain, as each acupuncture treatment gave me relief! She continued to support me as she referred me to a naturopath, who was able to help me finally pinpoint what food intolerances were contributing to the pain. We also figured out that stress was a trigger too. Now, I no longer struggle with digestive pain!

Over the years since then, Alda has also helped me with issues with my menstrual cycle, my eyes, insomnia, headache, anxiety and irritability. Acupuncture is also my first contact and go to therapy for aches and pains, resulting from old and new sports injuries and has helped me with my wrists, knees, neck, shoulders and back. 

I will always remember one time, a few years ago, 2 days before an important large-scale event, I stepped on a rusty nail and I couldn't even put any weight on my foot. I am a self-employed event planner and there was no replacement for me at this job and I desperately needed my foot to work it! My doctor gave me a tetanus shot, suggested rest and offered no other solution. So I reached out to Alda. She went out of her way to fit me in her schedule and with one acupuncture session only, my foot was good as new! I was so surprised and relieved!

I've seen Alda for almost 10 years. She is knowledgeable, a great listener, highly intuitive, kind and a true healer. Her attention to care is incredible, but more importantly, I feel better right after every session. Thank you so much Alda, I am so grateful that you are in my life!

~ Mandy

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