Pain free and pregnant, the month before IVF!

I would like to share a story about two patients of mine.
Susan and Chris started seeing me (Dr. Emilie) after TTC unsuccessfully for over 2 years.
In that time they had suffered 2 early miscarriages and were scheduled to do
an IVF cycle in 3 months’ time.  We started by working with Susan on her
type 2 diabetes with diet, lifestyle, and supplements, and I focused the
weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine on improving her menstrual
cycles and egg quality. Meanwhile, Chris came in to see me as well with a
very interesting case. Chris' biggest motivators for coming in were, chronic
intense facial pain from a sinus surgery 6 years ago that hadn’t healed
properly, as well as a hole, created from a wisdom tooth surgery gone wrong
that had been swollen and filled with mucus chronically.  Although he had
normal semen parameters, he was happy to work on improving sperm health (to
go from good to great) at the same time. For Chris, I did Low level laser
therapy along with acupuncture, focusing on both his facial complaints and
sperm quality.

2-month update:
Chris: The constant scar pain that had caused him to feel like he had been
punched in the face was now 90% gone. Despite a small set back with a cold,
the hole from the wisdom tooth extraction was no longer swollen and blocked.

Susan: Was preparing for her IVF cycle the following month. Her last
menstrual cycle was less painful and had less clotting.

3-month update:
Pregnant naturally, the cycle before starting IVF stimulation medications!

Chris: Sinus scar pain completely gone. Wisdom tooth hole still no longer
swollen or blocked.

Current update:
Susan and Chris are now well into their second trimester with a healthy baby.

Shared with permission by: Dr. Emilie Salomons

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