Naturally pregnant at 40 with an fsh of 19

May this message find you well.
I wanted to reach out to you and express  how grateful I am for the support you gave me in conceiving Nova.
I was recently speaking to a friend who has been going through a rough time conceiving and I of course thought of you.
I  don't want her to give up, I believe it can happen for her.
After sharing my story with her I re-lived my journey and how instrumental you were in my conceiving. I want to say thank you again. :)
You truly are a remarkable man Lorne Brown who I believe loves what you do whole heartedly.
I often read your newsletters and have so much joy for all the people you continue to help.
Keep being who you are this planet needs you.
Nova is 4 1/2 already.... Growing up so fast!
Naturally pregnant at 40 fsh 19!

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