My future children and I are forever grateful to the Acubalance Studio

It is very hard for me to put into words how I feel about the Acubalance Studio because I am so moved by what a gift it is. To be able to get treatment five days a week for the price of two is such a blessing. My future children and I are forever grateful. I think it’s very rare to find something that truly exists for the good of the client but this really does. I think it was made solely so we could get the most benefits out of our acupuncture treatments for a price that was affordable. It’s not every day in this world that this kind of generous service is offered. And not only that, it’s been done in such a perfect, thought-out way. Every detail has been considered; the room is peaceful and serene, the chairs are so comfortable, there are ipods and eye masks for full relaxation, and Shirley is the bomb!

I also think it’s very nice to receive treatment next to others who are in some way or another struggling with similar issues. I find it very comforting and empowering in the "we’re all in this together" kind of way and together with Acubalance, we’re gonna get through it with the best possible outcomes. If I could, I would only change one thing about the studio, and that is to be able to pack in my suitcase when I travel for work so I could go every single week. Thank you, Acubalance! Your generosity of healing and spirit is very, very, very appreciated.


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