My First Facial Acupuncture at Acubalance Vancouver

"Christina has helped me take steps from just talking about 'self-care' into an actual reality.  Her capacity to instantly create a calm, safe environment offers an oasis in an otherwise very busy day.  I had the pleasure (really, it was a pleasure) to experience my first Facial Acupuncture recently at Acubalance and I will be returning for more treatments very soon.  It was so nice to really relax and receive such gentle, replenishing, professional skin care.  I am so used to putting things on top of my skin - make-up, tonics, toners, cleansers, etc. that I had taken for granted that 'putting my best face forward' is more than just what's outside.  It feels great to begin taking better care of myself from the inside, and Christina is a big part of that.  Thank you!"

NE, 55 yrs old, Vancouver

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