Male Factor

We were initially referred to Acubalance through the UBC Centre for Reproductive Health. Our diagnosis was male factor infertility. Our doctor from UBC suggested that we pair the IVF/ICSI cycle with acupuncture. At this time, we also started my husband on two supplements (Fertilaid for Men and FrequenSea). Over a six month period, we noticed a very significant increase in the sperm morphology, motility, and count. We had two unsuccessful IVF cycles but because of the improvement in the sperm, we did not need to incorporate the ICSI. When we met with our doctor at UBC to review what to do next, he suggested that because of the improvement in the sperm. we should take a step back to IUI or Superovulation. We took a month off and in that month -- using ovulation strips -- got pregnant on our own. Unfortunately, we miscarried but we are now very hopeful about our future chances. We plan to continue with the supplements and the support of Acubalance.


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