Low Motility and PCOS - A Natural Pregnancy After Being Told We Needed "Medical Help"

The following story was written by a couple who were experiencing infertility problems.  She had been diagnosed with PCOS and her husband had poor sperm motility.  They had visited multiple specialists and were told that they needed medical help to achieve a pregnancy.  

Here is a quick synopsis of what she writes about:

1320 Vitamins
414 Basal Body Temperature's Recorded
10 Acupuncture Sessions
3 Specialists
12,346 Prayers
2 Positive Home Pregnancy Tests
1 Strong Heart Beat


To read about her story and the changes she made to achieve a pregnancy and healthy child please go the blog at She's A Valley Mom - Tring to Concieve with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  


Here is a sneek peak of what she wrote:

After months of still no success, we returned to my doctor to have my husband’s sperm tested. The doctor took one look at his results, shook his head and said “you’re going to need medical help to conceive.”
Between my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and my husband’s “low motility,” conceiving would be very difficult, if not impossible.
That day we were referred to a fertility clinic in Vancouver and our appointment date was set for April 23, 2012.
I ended up obtaining a copy of Greg’s sperm analysis from the doctor and I scanned and emailed it to Dr. Funk. Dr. Funk took time out of his busy schedule to review the analysis and respond to my email. He didn’t seem concerned at all, and simply suggested Greg take CoQ10 to help with motility. He also encouraged me to stay strict on my diet.
On April 5, 2012 –  days before our fertility appointment, I received two clear lines on a home pregnancy test.
To read her entire story follow the link above.
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