LLLT Laser Healed Morton's Neuroma Foot Pain

I turned 50 & fell apart! First a frozen shoulder this winter, then Morton’s Neuroma in my foot in February 2018. After a podiatrist visit to confirm the Morton’s Neuroma, I began a series of cortisone shots that didn’t work. Orthotics gave some relief, but I was still unable to walk even short distances without pain. My old life of hiking, running & gym classes seemed to be slipping away until a friend suggested LLLT low level laser therapy at Acubalance.

I was skeptical but desperate enough to try it.

After three sessions with Bronwyn at Acubalance with LLLT laser "mini blanket" they use for injured areas, I was able to hike the BCMC trail in North Vancouver without pain. LLLT works by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. 

Was (April 2018) having trouble with my hip too. After three sessions of LLLT therapy on my hip, I'm able to go back out dancing on the weekend wearing sexy shoes and no more orthotics! Big reduction in inflammation. 

I have many friends suffering with injuries and I am excited to share my experience at Acubalance with them. I am learning more about how acupuncture and other services at Acubalance can help with hormone imbalances, anxiety and insomnia. I have a few 50+ year old women friends with that. 

I 100% recommend Bronwyn Melville at Acubalance!

Why would you suffer with pain or any of these conditions without trying to heal them? 

- Janice Hague, East Vancouver

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