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Pregnant Naturally at 40 after Trying to Conceive for 5 Years

Thoughts on my 40th Birthday…

I am a reproductive acupuncturist who has had reproductive challenges. I often find it hard to answer the question when someone asks how long we had been trying. Fertility as it turns out, at least for us, was not a straight line and had so many layers - beyond what I could have imagined going in. Of course as a practitioner, I know those layers: blood flow, egg quality, sperm quality, stress, diet, vitamins,...

Over 40, Low AMH, Failed IVF, Miscarriage But Healthy Baby Boy Naturally

I’m 42 years old and I have just given birth to a healthy baby boy.  He is the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid eyes on; ok, so I may be basis, but I’m sure if you saw him you’d agree he’s pretty cute!

Pregnant Naturally After A Failed IVF, 1 Ovary Removed and Endometriosis

Words Cannot describe how much Dr. Ryan Funk from Acubalance has helped me in my fertility journey. I've been seeing Dr. Ryan Funk for almost a year now. I first started at Acubalance shortly after a failed IVF treatment.

Amazed at how easy my IVF transfer day went with Acupuncture

I was amazed at how easy my transfer day went. I met with Lorne for a pre-transfer session, which was super relaxing and put me into a really open space of receptivity, I went for my transfer, and then I returned for a bookend treatment.


Natural Pregnancy with PCOS

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in early 2012. This was no surprise to me as I had experienced many of the symptoms for years from the age of 16 on: trouble with weight loss, hormonal acne, severe PMS, insomnia, high stress levels, irregular periods (no period at all for 9 months and 6 months at a time), severe emotional inconsistency, constant mood swings and mild depression to...

Healthy natural pregnancy despite extremely low AMH


Dear Acubalance Team

I have lost track of the number of times I've tried to write this letter. The truth is, words can't describe the gratitude I feel towards Emilie and the Acubalance team for the gift of our beautiful son.

Healthy baby naturally after 2 miscarriages thanks to Acubalance

I started going to Christina Ceconni and Kali MacIsaac at Acubalance after my second miscarriage because
I had heard that acupuncture can help with fertility issues. I wasn't sure
what to expect, especially when I was answering lots of questions about my
bowel movements (lol).

Healthy Baby Naturally After 3 Miscarriages

Dear Dr. Emilie Salomons and Acubalance,