Infertility Initial Consult at Acubalance

 At the start of November, I had my first appointment with Dr. Lorne at Acubalance Wellness Centre. I had the pleasure of meeting him the week prior at his event at Whole Foods called Turning Back Your Reproductive Clock - there is another one on November 27th for those who are in Vancouver - so when I came into my appointment with my regular pre-appointment jitters, it was lovely to see a familiar face and already have an idea of his style of boosting fertility. I always feel like I know a lot about trying to conceive, seeing as I've been at this for a while and am a birth professional, but one thing that I learned from Lorne (besides some amazing nutrition information) was how important the whole being is (mind & body). I found the language he uses filled me with hope to the point of tears, and while we've always been hopeful, it was a sense of hopeful and POSSIBLE!

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