I have definitely found that our e-visit was helpful!

Hi Dr. K,
Thank you for your follow up!
I have definitely found that our e-visit was helpful.  For me personally, I got to check in about my intake of supplements because this is what I find the most helpful these days as I am stuck at home.  I can go sidetrack when I am feeling down and having the lack of energy to nourish myself, which is essential in making my fertility journey a positive one.  My recent discovery of pregnant news have been evident that it was the months and years of work that I have put in to nurture and nourish myself through seasons of ups and downs.  Having some guided support and encouragement from the Acubalance staff (even just a phonecall or a quick email), I have felt more comfortable and at ease that I am not alone on this through this transition.  I am also having a bit more time to do reading on my own as well to boost my nutrition with titles suggested by Dr. K.  That helps me to focus and concentrate on myself in a positive way that is very much needed at this time.
Take good care and look forward to meeting in our next follow-up e-visit!!
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