I attended the UBC Fertility clinic

After two years of struggling with infertility, recording my temperature daily, taking vitamins... and basically doing what every book I read told me to do, I attended the UBC Fertility clinic. They sent me for tests to check my tubes for blockage. My husband's sperm count was fine and my tubes were clear, which was good, but still no results. The next steps would have been more invasive and with low success rates, so we had pretty much resigned ourselves to adoption, which can take up to eight years to go through. While researching adoption, a friend suggested alternative medicine, which had worked for them. After some more research, I came upon Lorne's website. I was still quite skeptical, having the website as my only reference. However after talking with Lorne, I felt very comfortable.

My husband and I started seeing Lorne in the fall of 2003, both of us following his instructions (taking the herbs and having acupuncture). Though my husband was very doubtful that this would work, we both decided to give it three months before making any judgments. I began to feel much more relaxed at work, lost some weight, had less menstrual cramps, and started sleeping better. As soon as the three months were up, we started trying to conceive again and "voila" - I became pregnant! My husband and I are absolutely convinced that Lorne's treatments are responsible for us getting pregnant, and my husband says, "That was much easier than adoption... and a lot less costly!"

I am now five months pregnant and I still see Lorne for treatments occasionally to help me with my pregnancy. Someday I am sure he will help me through menopause as well :) He will always be a significant part of our lives. We are very grateful for all he has done (and is doing). I can't wait for our daughter to be born into our lives and to be able to share this experience with others.


Liz & Ari

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