Finding PMS Serenity


I struggled with terrible periods and PMS symptoms ever since I started having a period.  I never knew what it was like to have a normal cycle until a few months ago when I discovered your clinic and I met with Alda.  I came into see her with my complaints consisting of AWFUL cramps, crazy person mood swings, anxiety, sadness, my breasts were so sore around my period.... I was hopeful that Acupuncture would help because this was emotionally and physically draining every month.

Alda was so caring and very thorough, she seemed confident that she could help me. I started coming every week to see her and I can now say that I am finally having normal periods.  I am no longer a crazy person, my mood is so stable, I feel happy, and my anxiety is gone! I can finally bear this time of the month and no longer dread it.  Acupuncture has improved my life so much and I am very grateful!


~ Shannon


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