Every period was like a small-scale nightmare

Every period was like a small-scale nightmare for me before I went to Acubalance and saw Dr. Emilie Salomons for help. Only because it was predictable, I used to get myself prepared mentally and physically for the painful, nasty and worrying days. I would need lots of hot water, cushions and special diet prepared for those days, needless to mention the nervousness and sadness that came along with periods. Gradually, it became a habit. And I didn't even realized that periods are not supposed to be like that. I had easy periods, but that was a long time ago.

In the second month of treatment at Acubalance, I experienced an easy period, which gave me relief I haven't had in years. The change was dramatic, which makes me wonder why I didn't search for help earlier. My quality of life has improved and I don't need to count days and be nervous about my periods anymore.


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