blood platelet count had fallen Homebirth in jeopardy

In my 38th week of pregnancy I was told that my blood platelet count had fallen to a level low enough to put my plan for a homebirth in jeopardy.

This is my first pregnancy and I was pretty upset that this option might be taken away so close to my due date. A midwife friend of mine recommended acupuncture and pointed me in the direction of Emilie Salomons at Acubalance.

I had one treatment with Emilie and had a blood test a day later. My midwife called me when the results were in and said that my platelet count had jumped back to normal levels and that homebirth was back on the table again.

I was shocked and ecstatic that it had worked so quickly! A follow-up blood test a week later showed that my platelet count held steady at this normal level and my midwives said I didn't need to do any further testing. I am so grateful for the treatment I received at Acubalance as it has re-opened the door for a homebirth option; something very important for me and my family.

Thank you Emilie.

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