After a year of trying medical infertility treatments

I have seen Raeghan for treatments for my infertility issues for a year after a year of trying medical infertility treatments and doing a full year of continuing intense medical infertility treatments. Her treatments and attention have made a tremendous difference in my acceptance and coping with infertility. Without Raeghan’s treatments once per week, my coping mechanisms would have likely failed me during this trying time.

During each treatment, Raeghan paid impeccable attention to my cycle and medical treatments to ensure her acupuncture treatments were in sync and complementary to these [and] also paid astute attention to my mental state. During this emotional and trying journey, sessions with Raeghan were a needed escape with a lasting positive effect. The discussions before the acupuncture began, the acupuncture itself, the special body work, and the aromatherapy during each session provided an incredible comforting outlet, one that I looked forward to each week. Raeghan’s role transcended acupuncturist - for a year she also acted as my therapist, my confidant, and my supportive and understanding friend. The difference in my attitude and outlook post sessions was palpable, noted by my family and friends.

I owe much of my ability to move forward and eventually have my own child to Raeghan and the year’s treatments with her. Anyone going through infertility - of any kind - would greatly benefit from her attention and special gift.



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