After four miscarriages....

I began seeing Trevor in July 2009 after nearly three years of trying to have a baby. We went through four miscarriages - three miscarriages using Clomid and one miscarriage after two cycles of injectables. The stress of monthly doctor's visits, blood tests, temperature taking, etc. had me so depressed and really changed the person I was. Even worse, the introduction of all the hormone injections and coming off the pill after years of use caused my skin to break out in terrible cystic acne! I was depressed about my body failing as a woman to carry a baby to term and also depressed about how I looked. I decided to try acupuncture just as a break from the medical visits and to relax my body. I was at first skeptical that Trevor could help my skin and my fertility issues but he changed my mind very quickly! Within one month of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, my acne significantly improved. And the next month, I was pregnant naturally!!! I could not believe it after so many years and medical interventions I used. I now have a beautiful four-month-old baby boy and I could not be happier. I cannot thank Trevor and all the team at Acubalance enough. I will definitely be going back to Acubalance when we decide to try for another baby. They are miracle workers and everyone there is wonderful. The office is so relaxing and full of good energy - it was a welcome change from the offices full of depressed and stressed women at the fertility clinics I used to visit. Christina is so helpful and pre-books all your appointments for ease, and the office hours are great as they really make an effort to fit you in whether it's early morning or after work. I cannot say enough great things about Trevor and everyone I met at Acubalance. Thank you so much for changing my life.



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