acupuncture led me to a calmer and more pleasant birth

I was just over 36 weeks pregnant when my water broke but there were no signs of contractions. Just shy of being considered full-term, I was given no choice, I had to be medically induced and there was no grace period - it had to happen as soon as a delivery room became available at the hospital. Of course, I was quite anxious about having to be induced, as I am aware of the statistics indicating that medical induction often leads to further complications and interventions. I was also aware of the studies indicating that acupuncture reduced these risks, so I got in touch with Emilie.

We got to the hospital around midnight and bless her kind generous heart, Emilie came out of her way to give me some acupuncture to help facilitate a smooth birth and reduce the risk of complications and more interventions while we waited for a delivery room and the induction. We didn’t know how much time we would have before I would be moved to a room, or how quickly the acupuncture would kick in, but there was enough time for a good treatment.

Emilie was lovely and reassuring as she helped me walk around the hospital with the needles in to help get things moving more. By the end, I was calmer and ready for some sleep, as I knew I would need the rest in preparation for labour and delivery. I managed to get some deep sleep before we were moved to a delivery room at 6am, when they also began the oxytocin iv drip right away to start the induction. I continued to sleep for a couple of hours before I began to feel the first contraction around 8am.

The contractions steadily intensified and by noon I was pushing. Less than an hour and half later, our baby boy was born and, to my relief, I didn’t need any other interventions. In the end, I needed very little of the oxytocin for the induction. I was told that they began at 2 units and I had only needed 6 units overall before it was clear that my body was doing what it needed to be doing on its own. So the oxy drip was discontinued pretty quick. It was absolutely the acupuncture that primed me and my body for that birth. It helped to calm my mind, allowed me to relax in order to sleep and it optimized the medical induction. I am so grateful to dear Emilie for her care and skilfulness, as I know that things could have gone sideways without her and her acupuncture treatment. Thanks so much Aunty Em! We love you!


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