Acupuncture For Facial Renewal, Firmer Skin, Brighter Complexion and a Reduction of Fine Lines

Acupuncture facial is the most relaxing and restorative facial ever! I had 12
sessions. Christina uses more needles as time goes on and depending on one's
specific needs. After a few sessions you can feel the blood flowing. At the
end of each session my face glowed.  During the session one is treated to a
masque to initialize the facial. Christina is quite adept in placing needles
so that one doesn't even feel them. I can honestly say that I only felt a few
pricks, but after that you are in for a treat. You are left to relax and your
body goes into a deep relaxation that is so stress releasing. Christina ends
the session with a facial massage using a replenishing oil that is heavenly!
One hates for the session to end.

The benefits for me have been: firmer skin, a brighter complexion and a
reduction of fine lines. I have mature skin which has benefited from the
procedure. I only wish I had done this years ago!

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