Low level laser therapy (LLLT) in our infertility clinic

We started Low level laser therapy (LLLT) treatments after having seen a seminar given the person
who subsequently established this society. Since then, nurses started to slowly conduct the treatments
in one room of Asada Ladies Kachigawa Clinic. I am taking this opportunity to report the latest data
from our clinic.

The treatments were performed in patients who wanted to take it, as a result, they were generally
older, with low anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels, and had repeated cycles.
Between April 2010 to November 2015, 188 patients received LLLT. The average patient age was
38.6 ± 4.1 years old and were treated using OhLase HT2001 (Japan Medical Laser Laboratory, Tokyo,
Japan) for the neck and the abdominal-lumber area.
Of the 188 patients, 106 patients (56.4 %) achieved a clinical pregnancy and 73 patients (38.8 %) gave
birth. In 17 patients an undetectable AMH level, 7 patients achieved a clinical pregnancy and gave
birth. In 13 patients with 0.1 AMH level, 5 patients achieved a clinical pregnancy and 6 patients gave

Broken down by age group, in 6 patients aged 20 to 29, 5 patients achieved a clinical pregnancy and 4
patients gave birth. In 95 patients aged 30 to 39, 65 patients achieved a clinical pregnancy and 48
patients gave birth. In 87 patients aged 40 to 41, 36 patients achieved a clinical pregnancy and 21
patients gave birth.

Below are more details from 3 cases in the above.

Case 1
A patient aged 41 with undetectable AMH level started LLLT treatment after 7 follicular aspirations
stimulated with clomiphene. After that she gave birth following 3 follicular aspirations and the second
embryo transfer cycle.

Case 2
A patient aged 35 with undetectable AMH level who underwent laparoscopic surgery for ovarian
endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, and chocolate cyst. She received 8 ART cycles in another clinic. In our
clinic, she had 4 follicular aspirations stimulated with clomiphene and 10 LLLT sessions. After one
more follicular aspiration and the first embryo transfer in our clinic, she gave birth.

Case 3
A patient aged 35 with undetectable AMH level who had previously given birth. She wanted a second
child and had 2 follicular aspirations and 1 embryo transfer. After the treatments failed, she received 6
LLLT sessions during 1 aspiration cycle. She gave birth by frozen-thawed embryo transfer.
Patients noticed improvements in cold-sensitive constitution especially for the foot, and stiff shoulders.
A patient said she felt she did everything that she could.

In our clinic, LLLT is not a main treatment and not actively recommended. But we have continued for
a long time as some patients ask for the treatment.


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Yoshimasa Asada
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