Acupuncture Offers Relief for Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous and exciting time but the enormous physical and emotional changes your body is undergoing can create uncomfortable symptoms ranging from nausea to back pain. Western medicine has little relief to offer for these common conditions of pregnancy, as many women are reluctant to take Western drugs due to the unknown effects they may have on the baby. Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its long history of treating pregnancy and...

Acupuncture may be effective for menstrual pain

Acupuncture can help relieve menstrual pain and improve the quality of life for some women, a new study from Germany shows.
Because the acupuncture patients were compared with a control group who received no therapy, rather than a "sham," or fake, version of the treatment, the placebo effect could have played a role, Dr. Claudia M.Witt of Charite University Medical Center in Berlin and her colleagues acknowledge.
"Nevertheless, our study...

Acupuncture helps pregnancy symptoms according to new research

Acupuncture can help relieve the symptoms of indigestion in pregnancy, new research suggests. A small study involving 36 women found "significant improvements" among those treated with acupuncture.
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Acupuncture Activates the Brain: Medicinal use of needles does more than placebos.

Acupuncture has a measurable, if mysterious, effect on the brain, UK scientists have found. The study adds to evidence that patients benefit from acupuncture not simply because of their expectations.
The research team used brain imaging to show that treatment with genuine needles activates brain areas beyond the ones that light up when trick needles are used. "This is the first brain-imaging study that has shown an effect beyond placebo," says...

Acclaimed Author and Fertility-Hypnosis Expert Offers Hope for Infertile Couples in Vancouver

1 in 6 couples in Canada struggle with infertility (ABC Health & Wellbeing). Research shows that negative psychological states can be devastating for fertility and those women who suffer from stress and depression may be less likely to get pregnant. [Domar, "Fertility and Sterility"]
Increasingly, women are turning to hypnosis-for-fertility to alleviate their distress and improve their chances of conceiving naturally or with in vitro...

Vancouver Fertility Clinic Sponsors Webinar Hypnosis for Fertility and The Mind-Body Fertility Connection

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Millions of women around the world have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, which has driven the pharmaceutical and medical industries to focus on biologically manipulating the body to create life. Despite the advancements in Assisted Reproductive Technology, numerous studies show that a woman who participates in a mind-body program has a better chance...