Vancouver Fertility News - Acupuncture Treatment for Infertility: Mechanism for Improved Pregnancy Outcomes on IVF

Vancouver Fertility News - Acupuncture Treatment for Infertility: Study Identifies Mechanism for Improved Pregnancy Outcomes on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
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"We've suspected that stress affects fertility for a long time," says Dr Magarelli. “What's new about our study is that it indicates that acupuncture may positively adjust the levels of the stress hormones Cortisol and Prolactin during the stimulation phase of...

Just Breathe

Our breath flows through our bodies, bringing a life-sustaining force and with each exhale eliminates toxins. This constant dynamic exchange with the universe nourishes and protects us. In deep breathing, exhalation is as important as inhalation because it eliminates toxins. The lower part of the lungs are insufficiently emptied and tend to accumulate air saturated with carbon dioxide. When the lower part of the lungs are properly expanded and...

Inducing Labour with Acupuncture

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Debra Betts presents: Acupuncture in Pregancy and Childbith Refresher/Update course - Webinar October 14th, sponsored by Acubalance
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Inducing Labour Naturally

The attached article, written by Emilie Salomons, was featured in Urban Baby and Toddler magazine in winter, 2009. We are so pleased to have Emile join our team at Acubalance (August, 2010). She has been a positive influence for years in Vancouver and I personally want to welcome Emile and her patients from her previous private practice to Acubalance.

HANS - Health Action Network Society

HANS (Health Action Network Society) is a charitable natural health resource. HANS provides information on preventive medicine and natural therapeutics through our website, a reference library, Health Action magazine, the HANS e-News, and regular educational and networking events. Our members are like-minded people of all backgrounds, lay and professional, who share an interest in a natural approach to health care.
Our two key strategies to...

Globe & Mail Reports Low GI Diets-- Like the Acubalance Fertility Diet--Are Better for Maintaining Weight Loss and Health


First Do No Harm: Treating Pregnancy Conditions with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

If you are a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner trained in North America. you know that beginner TCM texts forbid treating pregnant women with blood quickeners or using “forbidden” acupuncture points.
What you may not know is that Chinese medicine has a long tradition of and extensive literature on the subject of gynecology and obstetrics. Advanced Chinese medicine literatures contain descriptions on how and when pregnant woman can...

Fertility and Organic Living

In a study of Danish greenhouse workers, an unexpectedly high sperm count was found among organic farmers, who grew their products without the use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The sperm count was more than twice as high in these men as in a control group of blue-collar workers.2 Although these findings are not definitive, they suggest that consuming organically grown foods may enhance fertility.
Environmental exposures (e.g., formaldehyde...

Feng Shui

Detoxing your Home and Office: A Fresh Start
Toxins accumulate in our body through exposure to contaminants in food, medications, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, environment, and stress. By reducing the intake of toxins and supporting the body's natural detoxing, the body can be cleansed. A detox program also helps to reprogram the palate to eliminate cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates. 
The first step in a detox plan is to identify and...

Eastern Medicine and Western Science: The Grand Convergence

Astonishing advances in physics and cell biology have recently toppled the philosophical underpinnings of conventional biomedicine. A new energy-based vitalistic philosophy emphasizing the organizing role of body, mind and spirit is arising from the ashes of materialistic science.
This philosophical phoenix wears the cloak of Oriental Medicine. Once thought to be in the domain of genes, the control of anatomy, physiology and behavior are now...