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Making SMART Goals
S-SpecificWhat am I going to do? (What, when, where, how)
M–Measurable How will I know when I have got there?
A–AchievableIs this something I can do and in my control? What will I need?
R–Realistic Am I being realistic? What are the likely problems?
T–Time Bound Can I do this in a reasonable time frame?

Acubalance agrees with Dr OZ. We both like the PGX fibre sticks to help with weight loss.

Acubalance agrees with Dr. OZ; we both like the PGX fibre sticks to help with weight loss.
Acubalance now carries PGX Granule Sticks and Glucosmart capsules to help women regulate their insulin and blood sugar to allow for easier weight loss.
Uses & Benefits

Normalizing and stabilizing blood sugar
Lowering insulin secretion
Improving insulin sensitivity
Lowering after-meal blood sugar levels
Reducing the glycemic index of meals...

Just Breathe

Our breath flows through our bodies, bringing a life-sustaining force and with each exhale eliminates toxins. This constant dynamic exchange with the universe nourishes and protects us. In deep breathing, exhalation is as important as inhalation because it eliminates toxins. The lower part of the lungs are insufficiently emptied and tend to accumulate air saturated with carbon dioxide. When the lower part of the lungs are properly expanded and...

HANS - Health Action Network Society

HANS (Health Action Network Society) is a charitable natural health resource. HANS provides information on preventive medicine and natural therapeutics through our website, a reference library, Health Action magazine, the HANS e-News, and regular educational and networking events. Our members are like-minded people of all backgrounds, lay and professional, who share an interest in a natural approach to health care.
Our two key strategies to...

Globe & Mail Reports Low GI Diets-- Like the Acubalance Fertility Diet--Are Better for Maintaining Weight Loss and Health


Feng Shui

Detoxing your Home and Office: A Fresh Start
Toxins accumulate in our body through exposure to contaminants in food, medications, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, environment, and stress. By reducing the intake of toxins and supporting the body's natural detoxing, the body can be cleansed. A detox program also helps to reprogram the palate to eliminate cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates. 
The first step in a detox plan is to identify and...


In our society today, the majority of disease is blamed on stress, poor diet, genetics, physical, and chemical agents, biological organisms, degeneration, inflammation, auto-immunity, lack of exercise, and abnormal growths. While these factors do indeed cause disease, there is one common underlying factor that contributes to all health problems: toxicity. Both exposure to toxins and subsequent toxic accumulation cause untold health problems,...

Can Coenzyme (Co Q10) Turn Back Your Biological Clock?

Until now western reproductive medicine has maintained that aging and egg quality is an irreversible process.  A new study from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on Co Q 10 and egg quality, presented at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology 2011 conference, suggests that it may be possible to improve egg quality and slow down the aging process. At this point, the study has just been done on mice but researchers feel the work looks promising and are...