Why Us? The Effects of Fertility Challenges on Couple Relationships

Julie* and Dan met at university while they were pursuing their graduate degrees and were married after two years of dating.  They spent three years touring South America, and returned to Canada as work opportunities came up for both of them. They were successful in their careers and decided to postpone their plan to have children until they were financially well-established. Five years into their marriage, they agreed it was time to start a...

Where there is flow, there is no pain

Video: Pregnancy pain relieved by acupuncture
Pain management for labour
When most people think of labour and birth, they think of pain. The media has portrayed labouring women screaming in agony and fearfully resisting the next contraction. Often this is our only glimpse into what labour must be like. In many other cultures and at different times in history, women had the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth first hand, often being...

When a "Performance Problem" Becomes a Health Problem

The FDA is investigating reports that impotence drugs can cause a rare form of blindness. Although the connection is unproven, the agency has received more than 40 reports of men who suddenly and permanently lost their vision within a day or two of taking them. Based on four years of adverse event claims, CBS News reports that the number of men affected may be several times higher.
Still, the percentage of men affected compared to the tens of...

What to expect from your Hypnopuncture Treatment

What is Hypnopuncture-for-Fertility?
Hypnopuncture-for-Fertility is a unique combination of fertility-acupuncture and hypnotherapy. It is designed to release stress and help you overcome unconscious thought patterns that might be preventing you from conceiving or having a successful pregnancy.
What to expect from your Hypnopuncture Treatments
First session
During your first session, we will discuss the hypnosis process, describe what you can...

Weight loss for fertility: Obesity and Infertility

The Acubalance weight loss program is much more than a quick fix weight loss program. It is about sustained
weight loss. it is about experiencing vibrant health and getting your life back on your path to being fertile and having a healthy baby.We are dedicated to ensuring that you are well educated about weight loss in pregnancy and comfortable with our process.
Many couples we see are addicted to sugar, carbs, coffee, and alcohol. They lack...

Weekly Progress Report

Making SMART Goals
S-SpecificWhat am I going to do? (What, when, where, how)
M–Measurable How will I know when I have got there?
A–AchievableIs this something I can do and in my control? What will I need?
R–Realistic Am I being realistic? What are the likely problems?
T–Time Bound Can I do this in a reasonable time frame?

Vancouver Fertility Clinic Sponsors Webinar Teaching Acupressure for Pain Relief in Labour

In the past five years, Debra has run acupressure workshops for midwives and acupuncturists in Australia, Canada, Dublin, Holland, Denmark, Norway, the US and the UK. This workshop will focus on methods of teaching acupressure to encourage acupuncturists to run their own workshops for couples and midwives. Those attending will have access to an acupressure teaching PowerPoint that they are welcome to use and adapt.
Moderated by Lorne Brown B.Sc...

VGH doctor plans to set up health centre for men

Women outlive men by five years in B.C. and Dr. Larry Goldenberg thinks that has a lot to do with the fact men are 20 years behind women in being proactive about their health. So just as he championed a prostate cancer centre of excellence at Vancouver General Hospital a decade ago, he is now focused on forming a men's health centre, not unlike the one for the opposite sex at B.C. Women's Hospital.
People tend to think of penises and prostates...

Turning breech baby - Video on Moxa for Breech Babies

This video was filmed back in early 2007. To be honest, we were playing around with our new camera at the time and testing-out YouTube. So, although the video quality is not up to standard and it looks amateurish, the information is still relevant and useful.
I suggest not starting moxabustion treatment before 32 weeks for obvious reasons. It is most effective between weeks 32 and 36 and becomes more difficult after 36 weeks. We have turned...