Newer antidepressants linked to serious lung disorder

OTTAWA - Health Canada is advising women who are taking antidepressants known as Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI) and who are pregnant or intend to become pregnant to discuss the situation with their doctor due to potential risks to the baby. Health Canada stresses that patients should not stop taking SSRI medication without first consulting their doctors, as they could experience serious side effects.

Acupuncture Offers Relief for Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous and exciting time but the enormous physical and emotional changes your body is undergoing can create uncomfortable symptoms ranging from nausea to back pain. Western medicine has little relief to offer for these common conditions of pregnancy, as many women are reluctant to take Western drugs due to the unknown effects they may have on the baby. Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its long history of treating pregnancy and postpartum conditions with acupuncture, offers a safe, effective alternative for treatment of pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin A: Notes

When I began my quest to market cod liver oil, the biggest hurdle I had to overcome involved the myths and inaccuracies that are discussed in the market place. After 18 months of research, I was comfortable placing my first order. Eighteen months after making that first order it became apparent that to do justice to my efforts and to my customers, I needed to do a close-up, first hand study of the industry, including the harvesting and processing of raw materials and the various processing techniques to extract and purify the oil. I needed a full and unabridged understanding.

Naturally Treating the Baby Blues

Q - Is there a natural treatment for the baby blues?

A - During the course of a pregnancy, you are constantly nurturing your baby with your love, energy (Qi), and nutrition. During the postpartum period, you give anything you have left while breastfeeding, figuring out how the diapers work, and oogling over the cuteness of your baby. It is not surprising that you may have the baby blues; you have beentotally zapped of your Qi.

Turning breech baby

This video was filmed back in early 2007. To be honest, we were playing around with our new camera at the time and testing-out YouTube. So, although the video quality is not up to standard and it looks amateurish, the information is still relevant and useful.

I suggest not starting moxabustion treatment before 32 weeks for obvious reasons. It is most effective between weeks 32 and 36 and becomes more difficult after 36 weeks. We have turned babies at 38 weeks, it just not as likely as if you had been seen at 34 weeks.


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