Chapter 4: Getting Ready for Change

The foods we eat each day are intimate choices, developed over time starting with how and what we were fed as a baby, our growing awareness of our body, our energy and our health, our access to food, and our overall relationship to food. This is a deep connection and in order to change, the motivation to move towards something new (a baby) must be stronger than the deep embodied need to hold on. Most people who are trying to conceive are very willing to do whatever is necessary to create the optimal environment.

There are different ways to approach the changes. The "grin and bear it," "I can do it" willpower model isn’t really in alignment with the receptive, nurturing energy required for conception. Another model for change looks at first shining a light on the lifestyle habits you are already doing that can support conception. How did you know to do that? What motivated the change? Is there something that you learned from those changes that you can use now, to support you in making further changes?

It can be helpful to approach these new changes in diet and lifestyle with curiosity. Be open to the possibility that these new dietary recommendations might shift your health, energy and fertility in a way that you never thought possible, in a way that will give birth to healthier, more balanced parents.