When a "Performance Problem" Becomes a Health Problem

The FDA is investigating reports that impotence drugs can cause a rare form of blindness. Although the connection is unproven, the agency has received more than 40 reports of men who suddenly and permanently lost their vision within a day or two of taking them. Based on four years of adverse event claims, CBS News reports that the number of men affected may be several times higher.

Still, the percentage of men affected compared to the tens of millions of users of these drugs is infinitesimal - although blindness isn't exactly a "minor" side effect. But those who take them may have more to worry about than the rare side effects of a little blue pill. Impotence is very often a sign of poor circulation - and in many cases, that's an early warning for heart disease. Those who rush to remedy a "performance" problem with a pharmaceutical solution could be ignoring an impending threat to their lives.

These drugs work. But so does exercise. Studies show that men who burn at least 200 calories a day through exercise are less likely to become impotent. Aside from raising testosterone, exercise optimizes weight and increases circulation. And that will not only enhance sexual performance, it will improve your health ... and it definitely won't make you go blind.

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When a "Performance Problem" Becomes a Health Problem
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Sunday, May 4, 2008