Turning breech baby

This video was filmed back in early 2007. To be honest, we were playing around with our new camera at the time and testing-out YouTube. So, although the video quality is not up to standard and it looks amateurish, the information is still relevant and useful.

I suggest not starting moxabustion treatment before 32 weeks for obvious reasons. It is most effective between weeks 32 and 36 and becomes more difficult after 36 weeks. We have turned babies at 38 weeks, it just not as likely as if you had been seen at 34 weeks.

For patients at Acubaalnce, we provide the moxa stick as seen in the video for home use as well as a handout for use.

Please make sure the acupuncturist or therapist you are seeing has experience in treating women during their pregnancy, and in particular turning breech babies using acupuncture and moxabustion. Not recommended to use for beech when carrying twins.

 Acupuncture & moxabustion therapy to turn breech baby

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Turning breech baby - Video on Moxa for Breech Babies
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Monday, January 7, 2013