Parenting in the NOW

VANCOUVER British Columbia-Dr. Rob Helmer is a Toronto-based author and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine bringing his two-day Conscious Parenting Workshops to Victoria March 14 & 15 and Vancouver  21 & 22, 2009.

Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, TCM doctor introduces "conscious parenting" at March workshops in Vancouver and Victoria BC. "The core of my workshop is how to parent in the now." 

Helmer specializes in paediatric medicine and, as a new parent, was deeply inspired by Tolle's groundbreaking book The Power of Now. "I went through my own transformational process parenting my daughter," says Helmet. "The core of my workshop is how to parent in the now, learning how to be with your child, and allowing your child to be. Backed by a growing body of scientific and public health research, I believe we need this simple but radical wisdom more urgently than ever in our culture… a culture plagued increasingly by stress and chronic disease."

The past affluent decade has sprouted the "yummy mummy" culture, with much emphasis on designer, technological distractions for babies and parents. With the economic downturn comes an opportunity, says Helmer. "This time in history is marked by parents having no time, less money, less support for parenting, more chronic disease, excessive use of TV, antibiotics, sugar, toys and other distractions."

Designed for expectant and new parents and professionals, a hallmark of the two-day workshops is to guide parents back to their own innate parenting wisdom.

"We are naturally equipped to be good parents. Mother Nature has created a powerful feedback system to promote attachment between mother and baby," says Helmer, "but parents become fearful and bombarded with information overload. The result is often a loss of touch with this innate wisdom, and distress and disease in the home."

This two-day course leads parents back to traditional ways of being and parenting.

Drawing from current research and his extensive training in paediatric Chinese Medicine, the workshop combines the best of wisdom from the East and West:

• Parenting in the "now" (transforming your relationship with the present moment and your baby);
• How to prepare for the transition to parenthood;
• Health planning during pregnancy: preventing illness, allergies, foods and vaccinations;
• Making "green" and sustainable choices good for your baby and the planet;
• Attachment parenting (connecting and caring for your infant);
• How to save money and make decisions in a sea of consumer choice and often-conflicting child-rearing advice.

With today's economy and the stressors of modern life on the individual, family, society and the planet, Helmer says "now is the time to learn to be present to the moment and tap into our deep, inner knowing, to re-connect with our innate human wisdom. I call this conscious parenting."

Dr. Rob Helmer
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Parenting in the NOW
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Friday, March 6, 2009