In our society today, the majority of disease is blamed on stress, poor diet, genetics, physical, and chemical agents, biological organisms, degeneration, inflammation, auto-immunity, lack of exercise, and abnormal growths. While these factors do indeed cause disease, there is one common underlying factor that contributes to all health problems: toxicity. Both exposure to toxins and subsequent toxic accumulation cause untold health problems, both immediate and long term. 

A toxin is anything that can be harmful to the body, or affects the balance of the body. We are exposed to toxins by pollutants in air, water and soil, pesticides, and industrial chemicals, food molecules altered by processing, toxic synthetic drugs, and emotional trauma. Toxins can enter the body by absorption through the skin, inhalation through the lungs and/or by ingestion through the mouth into the gastro-intestinal tract. While the liver is the body's major organ of detoxification, the skin, lungs, intestines, and the kidneys have all developed some protective mechanisms and ways of detoxification. 

The term "detoxification" means to diminish or remove the toxic quality of a compound. Fortunately, the human body contains mechanisms that do just that. This natural detoxification process cleanses, leading to a balance or equilibrium in the body, which helps to both restore and maintain health. For many a slow detoxification system and a multitude of exposures can cause their bodies togradually become overloaded. Consequently, the detoxification mechanisms of the body become unable to completely cleanse the tissues and organs, and the body is unable to maintain balance. There are many benefits to detoxification,and each can improve every aspect of your health. As your body detoxifies, you can expect: 

  •   digestion to improve and sinus congestion to clear
  •   mental clarity and memory to improve
  •   emotional and hormonal fluctuations to stabilize
  •   increased energy and a stronger immune system
  •   chronic health problems can be expected to improve or disappear entirely.

Over the long term, people who maintain the balance of their body can expect to live longer in better health, to experience fewer degenerative diseases and to recover from illness and injury more quickly. 

How to Detox

1. Eat the following foods that support the detoxification process: 

  1. Filtered Water with Fresh Lemon Juice
  2. Chlorophyll-Rich Liquids - Chlorella or Spirulina
  3. Herbal Tea - Nettle, Dandelion or Fennel
  4. Lightly Cooked Dark Leafy Greens - Kale, chard, collards, dandelion, arugula
  5. Lightly Cooked Winter Squash & Colorful Root Veggies (especially the orange variety)
  6. Naturally-Raised or Unrefined Fats - Organic Ghee (clarified butter) or Virgin Coconut Oil
  7. Fresh Whole Fruit - local seasonal whole fruit, especially berries
  8. Soaked,Sprouted or Fermented Whole Grains - Brown Basmati Rice
  9. Soaked,Sprouted or Fermented Whole Legumes - Mung Beans
  10. Aromatic Digestive Spices (fresh &/or non-irradiated) - especially Turmeric (including curry blends), cumin, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, and green peppercorns

Avoid the following foods:

  •   Refined Vegetable Oils (especially canola, corn & cottonseed)
  •   Commercially Raised Animal Foods (conventional meat, poultry, and farmed fish)
  •   Refined Sugar and Flour
  •   Commercially Processed and/or Low-Fat Dairy
  •   Commercially Refined Soymilk and Soy Proteina
  •   Refined Table Salt, Chemical Additives/Preservatives ,and Artificial Seasonings
  •   Stimulants (coffee and alcohol)

2. Herbal Cleansing Kit

  •   Mediclear by Thorne - This is a 3-week detox program that eliminates foods that are common allergines, gluten, dairy, sugars, animal proteins, and processed foods. This diet is supported by a rice protein-based nutritional supplement that detoxifies the liver and intestines. 

3. Sustained Physical Activity

4. Deep-Breathing Exercises

5. Body Work or Aromatherapy Baths with Epsom/Sea Salt 

Remember, you are what you eat, drink, think, and breathe!

Judy Chambers
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Monday, January 7, 2013