CDC: male reproductive health

That's right, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the US government's personal watchdogs for the nation's health, has announced a nationwide epidemic: male reproductive health!  Shocking?  Not to me, as I have seen countless semen analysis come through my clinic (usually without the men attached to them, but the wife toting the sad document) that display the very sad state of our male reproductive health, in particular, male factor infertility. It gives me great pleasure to know that the army fighting the war on getting men to come in for treatment is growing larger and larger, and now the marines are on board (Dr. Paul Turek, CDC, etc). These marines are necessary to get people to listen, to get men to take responsibility for their health, eat better, exercise, balance work and rest, enjoy life, nurture their families, and contribute to their communities to ensure a better healthier world for the generations to come. The responsibility to be healthy, make healthy altruistic decisions that consider others in business and at the kids soccer games, is screaming its importance to men, as male reproductive health in general has fallen drastically out of balance.

Please take a moment to read a world leading doctor in male reproductive medicines latest blog entry:

"If among thoughts, they value those that are profound;
If in friendship, they value gentleness;
In words, truth; in government, good order;
In deeds, effectiveness; in actions, timeliness, 
In family and community, love and compassion;
in health, self preservation and good diet - 
In each case, it is because they prefer what does not lead to strife,
and therefore, "be like water," and will not go amiss."

 - Dao De Jing

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CDC ANNOUNCES NEW EPIDEMIC: male reproductive health
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Saturday, December 1, 2012