acclaimed Author offers Hope for Infertile Couples

1 in 6 couples in Canada struggle with infertility (ABC Health & Wellbeing). Research shows that negative psychological states can be devastating for fertility and those women who suffer from stress and depression may be less likely to get pregnant. [Domar, "Fertility and Sterility"]

Increasingly, women are turning to hypnosis-for-fertility to alleviate their distress and improve their chances of conceiving naturally or with in vitro fertilization (IVF) because a recent study published in "Fertility and Sterility" (May 2006) suggests that hypnosis may increase chances of conception for women undergoing IVF by up to 50%.

Couples trying to conceive will have a chance to learn how hypnosis can relieve hidden stress and boost pregnancy rates at a free public talk on September 15th given by James Schwartz, fertility hypnotherapy pioneer and author of The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, at the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre.

Called an “invaluable and inspiring contribution to the field of human reproduction” [Randine Lewis, author of The Fertility Cure], The Mind-Body Fertility Connection has given hope to millions of women suffering from heartbreaking conditions such as unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

In this particular talk, sponsored by Acubalance Wellness Centre, Schwartz will discuss the growing scientific evidence for the connection between emotions and fertility and reveal how hypnosis can be combined with acupuncture and other mind-body techniques to overcome limiting beliefs, as well as release blocks, calm the sympathetic nervous system, and optimize chances of getting pregnant.

According to Schwartz, hidden stress is the biggest problem. “Most stress is triggered subconsciously and it is deep subconscious material that is the most significant block to getting pregnant. Modern hypnosis techniques are able to release these blocks and bring about internal body changes through what is known as the mind-body connection or the neuroendocrine system.”

Scientists are beginning to understand how changes to the neuroendocrine system brought on by distress and anxiety can suppress fertility by interfering with fertility hormones, reducing egg quality, delaying the release of eggs, and preventing implantation.

There is growing evidence that mind-body treatment programs for infertility can positively influence the neuroendocrine system and increase pregnancy rates. Research by Dr. Alice Domar, published in Fertility & Sterility, discovered that women undergoing IVF who were involved in a 10-week mind-body program were almost twice as likely to conceive as the routine care control group.

Dr. Lorne Brown, both a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a clinical hypnotherapist, is delighted to be introducing Schwartz to a Vancouver audience. As well as sponsoring this public talk, Acubalance has organized a three-day workshop where Schwartz will be teaching his hypnosis-for-fertility techniques to local hypnotherapists.

Dr. Brown is now offering Hypnopuncture (hypnosis combined with acupuncture) for fertility at the Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver. “There is plenty of research showing that acupuncture can improve chances of conception. Hypnosis is another powerful tool that, when combined with acupuncture, provides women with an effective, drug-free way to relieve the feelings of anxiety and depression that may be standing in the way of a successful pregnancy.”

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection
7:00-9:00 pm. Thursday, September 15
950 West 41st Ave (Gallery Room)
Vancouver Jewish Community Centre

The talk is FREE but space is limited. To reserve a seat, call 604-678-8600, e-mail jenn(at)acubalance(dot)ca, or visit the site at

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Acclaimed Author and Fertility-Hypnosis Expert Offers Hope for Infertile Couples in Vancouver
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011