Possible Biological Clock for Female Fertility

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New research has been published showing how the health of specific cells in the ovary influence how a woman's eggs thrive or die!  It is similar to the bodies biological clock allowing her to stay fertile longer or cutting her reproductive years short.  

The health of these cells (Granulosa Cells) nurture and nourish the eggs within the ovary.  The more that we support and take care of the Granulosa Cells the more they will look after and support our fertility.  Trying to support your body as best you can naturally and fully is the best approach when experiencing infertility. 
Supporting Cellular Health Naturally
It's not all that difficult to start this process.  One of the simplest ways is through diet and nutrition.  A whole food diet high in vegetables, fruit and non-processed foods will contain the base of what our cells need to thrive.  A good diet plan for this would be one similar to that of our Acubalance Fertility Diet.
Taking a variety of supplements which are high in antioxidants also greatly influence the health of our cells.  Supplements such as CoQ10 have been shown to greatly help both fertility and decrease oxidative damage on a cellular level.
Stress also increases cellular aging.  Finding ways to help deal with stress can help and there are natural ways to help with this as well.  Studies have also shown how a healthy lifestyle decreases cellular aging.  
If you have been struggling trying to conceive or are wanting to preserve your fertility there are things you can do to help support this process. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been successfully treating such conditions using diet, lifestyle, herbs and acupuncture with great success.
To find out more please visit our website where we have hundreds of pages of information to help in your fertility journey.  If you are looking for specific treatment plans call us to make a appointment for a free 15 minute phone consultation. Or visit our fertility clinic Vancouver BC.

Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine