Treating PCOS Naturally

Monday, February 8, 2021 - 18:00
Online Webinar

Join Dr Lorne Brown, Monday, February 8th at 6 pm  

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PCOS free webinar Vancouver


Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Never knowing when your period will start

  • Experiencing the emotional roller coasters that often accompany PCOS-related hormonal changes

  • Feeling like your hormones are always "out of balance"

  • You’re trying to reduce your carbs, but the sugar cravings are just too intense

  • Never knowing when or even if you are ovulating

  • Never getting straight answers about how to help treat these symptoms naturally

At this talk, you will learn about 100% natural integrative treatments that will help decrease androgens and balance reproductive hormones, regulate your menstrual cycle, and improve insulin levels to help maintain a healthy weight.

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Dr. Lorne Brown speaks with IVF Consultant Specialist Dr Mark Perloe about PCOS