Natural approaches to reduce stress to Optimize your Fertility

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 18:00
UN World Wellness Weekend Online Broadcast Premier


This free information session is an introduction to the mindbody connection between the heart and womb, and will set you up with some foundational tools to begin supporting yourself, your mind and your fertility. 

Kathleen Lee  R.TCMP, FABORM, L.Ac., MTCM, B.S. will discuss how struggling with fertility increases stress and how that stress can negatively impact reproductive health. You will learn some practical Mindfulness for Fertility tools to reverse these harmful effects, calm your mind, and restore reproductive hormone balance. 

A Harvard study published in 2000 in Fertility and Sterility involving 184 women who had been trying to conceive for 1-2 years, shows that the women randomized into a cognitive- restructuring Mindbody Program, had more than double the live-birth rates after one year (55%), vs. the control group (20%). The women who had participated in the Mindbody Program also had measurable psychological improvement.  

Are you struggling with the distress of trying to create a healthy pregnancy?

Join us for our series for the World Wellness Week on Sept 19th for this webinar for tools to connect your mind and body to help bring you to your fertility goals.

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