The Acubalance Craving-Crusher Tea


The Drink you need to help regulate your blood sugar levels while eating a low glycemic diet (no sugar, limited carbs, more protein, more greens and more good quality fat)

Luckily with a little trials and testing in her home Kitchen Dr Emilie Salomons has put together this great tea for many of our patients.


Let's talk about breakfast. When it comes to breakfast for a lot of insullin resistant patients, it’s basically eggs, eggs, and you guest it….more eggs. Now I love a good egg with sautéed greens in the morning don’t get me wrong, but sometimes like me, I imagine you don’t have time to get all Jamie Oliver in the morning and you just want a quick something you can throw in a mug and go.


This is usually where most people reach for the protein smoothie. But what if you are like me and every time you drink a cold protein shake you get so bloated that people on the bus start offering you their seat because they think you’re 6 months pregnant? Trust me, it’s not pretty.


Needless to say, I have been in the search for a way to get an easily digestible, low glycemic, protein rich breakfast to alternate with my usual eggs and sautéed spinach.


Fast forward a few years and a bullet proof coffee fad later, and I think I have found the life changing breakfast drink I have been longing for.


it is really for anyone with any sort of insulin resistance (like PCOS), sugar cravings, advanced maternal age and those with poor digestion. So yes…almost everyone can have it!






- Tea 2/3 of your mug: any black or herbal tea that you think makes a good tea latte


-Almond milk 1/3 of your mug  (substitute with whichever non-dairy milk is your favorite)


-Collagen/bone broth powder: 1-2 TBSP


-Myoinositol: start off with ¼ tsp for the first week and slowly work up to 1 heaping tsp (too much will give you loose stools, so watch out)


-Coconut oil: 1-2 tsp


-Cinnamon: to taste (I like ½ tsp)






Steep tea, remove tea bag. In a separate pot, heat nut milk (don’t boil), then place tea, milk and the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Give it a quick 5 second blend on medium, pour into your mug and enjoy your frothy delicious protein rich morning tea. 




Why this tea is so good for you:


Tea- I have chosen tea rather than coffee because coffee is inflammatory (even decaf) and is not ideal in people with PCOS, autoimmune issues or any signs of inflammation.


Collagen- To be frank, this is the best, most digestible protein powder I have ever tried. With no flavor, no texture, no sugar or sweeteners, 11 grams of protein per serving and all the benefits of drinking grass fed/pastured bone broth, what’s not to love? (well, unless you are a vegetarian of course. In that case, you can just omit this step and have a healthy fat rich morning tea instead)


I like this kind, and am curious to try this one too.


Myoinositol- This amazing supplement has been shown to have insulin sensitizing capabilities, which is very handy in insulin resistant PCOS. This sweet powder can also help mood, manage PCOS symptoms and improve egg quality.


Here’s a little study on myoinositol’s effect on ovarian function and metabolic factors in people with PCOS.


Coconut oil- Coconut oil is currently having it’s 15 minutes of fame. Nothing is a magic cure for all ailments, however, in this study the decanoic acid found in coconut oil has been shown to be beneficial for the management of both high androgen levels and insulin resistance in PCOS. Bonus, it taste delicious in tea. Who would have known?!


Cinnamon- Is delicious and happens to be great for people with insulin resistance.
Here are a couple of studies. 
Pilot study on PCOS and Cinnamon  And everyone loves a good rat study


So there you have it, my life changing tea. Here’s to saying goodbye to bloating for good. And for those with PCOS, hello to regular ovulation and increased fertility!


Bon Appetit!  


Dr. Emilie Salomons Dr. TCM and lover of good food.