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What you should know before you try acupuncture

Knowing up front what to expect at your first acupuncture appointment can ease your mind and bring up questions to pose early on so that there are no surprises. At our clinic, we strive to offer you the most relaxing experience. If there is ever anything that is even mildly uncomfortable physically or otherwise during your treatment, be sure to let us know.

Before your first acupuncture session there are several things you should keep in mind:


What are Vitamin Shots? Why You'll Want One

Micronutrient injections, also known as vitamin injections, were designed to deliver high dose vitamins that many people are lacking.

In a perfect world, we eat healthy food, digest it properly, assimilate and absorb all of the nutrients that we need, and get those nutrients to the cells that need them. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.

Give Yourself This Gift

Most of my patients express an earnest desire to develop a meditation practice, but a common roadblock they share is a lack of free time. We’ve all heard the recommendation to begin a practice, but the time commitment can be overwhelming. Even so, there is a solution: consider giving yourself the gift of 15 minutes per day, because that is truly all it takes.

Infertility and Stress: The Middle Way

I often find myself surfing that fine line between optimism and pessimism with patients. Somewhere on the spectrum of hope, deep investment in outcome, fear, control, letting go, surrender and acceptance. We are told that stress has a negative impact on fertility, yet anyone who has ever been through it themselves, or is close to anyone who has struggled to become a parent, knows that stress is a prominent part of the landscape on this road. It’s unavoidable.

Top 5 Most Common Reasons for seeing an Acupuncturist

When I read recently that Acetaminophen, most commonly used in over the counter analgesics such as tylenol, is one of the leading causes of liver damage, I wondered if I’d misread the post. It turns out that I did not. The FDA in the US is currently reviewing ways to reduce the risk, such as changing label laws, dosages, and packaging, or removing certain products from the shelf altogether. Considering the inherent risks of even the most ubiquitous over-the-counter medicines, it may be time to reiterate the many reasons to try acupuncture. Here are my top 5.


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