Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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An integrative approach to miscarriages and implantation failure

An integrative approach to miscarriages (recurrent pregnancy loss) and implantation failure.

I had the good fotune to moderate a professional lecture for the 2021 integrative fertility symposium by Dr. Ursula Ritz, a trained MD, OBGYN, IVf specialist, as well as trained in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. After her lecture I asked her a few questions to share with the public about her integrative approach to miscarriages (recurrent pregnancy loss) and implantation failure.

Miscarriage: Causes and Treatment

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss is unfortunately an extremely common occurrence during one’s fertility journey. In fact, 20% of all confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage, 80% of those occurring in the first 12 weeks. Everyone processes loss differently and requires different lengths of time and tools for healing. I find investigating the potential causes of miscarriage and exploring various treatment options really helpful when dealing with this type of loss.


Progesterone: What, When, and Why It’s Important For Fertility

One of the main reasons I love talking about hormones is that I am constantly in awe of the body as an amazing miracle in action. Every second different hormones are being released, having action on distant tissues, and being recycled or broken down. All of the hormones affect the other hormones, and they also have effects on cellular messenger release and metabolism in millions of different cells.

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