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Weaning Your Baby - Tips

So you’ve decided it’s time to start weaning your baby from breastfeeding, and you’re thinking – “now what?” Each Mum, with each baby, will decide at one point that it’s time for her to discontinue breastfeeding her babe and will begin the process of decreasing the number of feeds per day over time. Whether it’s because you’re going back to work, taking medication that is contraindicated in breastfeeding, or another of the many reasons for weaning, here are a few things to help you through the process.

Reduce Childhood Allergies and Cavities With This Pacifier 'Cleaning' Method

Recently, I came across an interesting article with the following title: Pacifier Cleaning Practices and Risk of Allergy Development. Health authorities in the past have told Mums that cleaning their babe’s pacifier under running water or by boiling is the best way to avoid transferring harmful bacteria from her mouth to her little one (bacteria like Strep mutans, the one that causes cavities, in particular). This article challenges previous recommendations..

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