Male Infertility

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The Trilogy of Male Fertility! Boost by 42% or Bust by 49%

Although commonly overlooked, male factor infertility is very common. When looking at the stats infertility is 33% male factor, 33% female factor and 33% combination male/female factor. This means that 66% of the time there is a male problem that needs to be addressed yet in my practice I see the guys less than 30% of the time. Definitely an area of infertility where we need some improvement!

Male Menopause, MANopause, Low T, Hypogonadism, PADAM, ... What Ever You Want To Call it ! Boost Your Testosterone with Acupuncture

One of the naturally occurring changes as men get older is the reduction in testosterone  "Low T".  As testosterone decreases we (i'm a guy too) loose some of the vigor and energy we had when were were younger.  Our libido droops and we begin to gain more weight.  No matter how much we hit the gym we can't gain muscle like we used too and loose it twice as fast when not lifting weights.  We even get a little more moodi !  All this can be caused by low testosterone.  

MOvember - Mens Health and Fertility

Movember is a big thing here in Vancouver.  Many men started November with a squeaky clean upper lip and letting the hair grow for the remainder of the month in awareness of prostate cancer.  With the mens health buzz in full swing I wanted to take a fertility twist on this successful event.  To learn more about Movember see the official website - Movember Canada     

Which Lubricants Help You Conceive?

Many couples who are trying to conceive ask about sperm friendly lubricants. This is one case where they are all not created equal! Even the brands saying they are sperm friendly may be lacking key elements. Searching for the good ones can be a difficult task. 

A study published last year compared multiple different sperm friendly lubricant's to see which ones really are sperm friendly!  A few of the tested brands were:

The Male Biological Clock

There is extensive literature that clearly defines the impact of increased maternal (mother’s) age on a couple’s likelihood of conceiving and reproductive outcomes. However, there has been fairly limited research done on advanced age of the father and how this may affect the offspring.

What Your Sperm Says About Your Health

Most men look at their health in a compartmentalized view; most ailments are not connected to overall health.  A headache is just a headache and not a sign of high blood pressure.  This view is often the same when they find out they have poor fertility.  What if poor sperm quality was just a sign of overall poor health and possible major health problems?  Would that make us sit up in our chairs and pay attention?



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