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How much will Acupuncture boost my IVF results and how many treatments do I need? - The research revealed.

As an acupuncture and integrative wellness clinic that specializes in reproductive health, you can imagine we get this question quite often. Many patients come to us either starting their fertility journey, about to embark on their IVF journey, or are on their 6th round. Wherever you are, acupuncture can help. As a clinic that has been in this field for 20+ years, we’ve obviously seen acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and naturopathy do wonders for our fertility patients. But what does the actual science say?


How to Emotionally Get Through an IVF Cycle

I was treating a patient last week preparing for her first IVF cycle when she asked me, “How do people get through this?” This particular patient, who I will call Emma, suffered a devastating miscarriage earlier this year and was plagued with so much guilt about not being able to provide her 5 year old son with a sibling. Emma is definitely not alone in these feelings, struggling with infertility and proceeding with IVF is undoubtedly stressful. So I thought I would compile my responses I use to support my patients during this difficult time. 


How To Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy While Doing an IUI

If you are looking for ways to help improve your chances of success while undergoing western fertility treatments you're not alone. Most studies focus on how to improve IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles but little is mentioned on how to improve IUI cycles. Although there may be a lack of available information there are things which you can do to help boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy during an IUI cycle.  

Tips for a Smooth Embryo Transfer Day

For anyone undergoing IVF, embryo transfer day can be an anxious one - especially if you have never done it before and don’t quite know what to expect. I have had the honour of being part of hundreds of embryo transfers, performing acupuncture onsite at the fertility clinic around this procedure. Based on the questions and concerns that often arise, I have compiled a list of my top tips for helping your embryo transfer day go as smoothly as possible!


Get a Good Rest

IVF Acupuncture increases odds of live birth by 30 percent


The takeaway message from this publication is acupuncture dosage matters when it comes to increasing your chances of a live birth when acupuncture is used in an IVF cycle. Acupuncture has a compounded effect, and just receiving acupuncture on transfer day may not provide the same benefit as a series of sessions leading up to transfer and including on transfer day.

3 Failed IVF Cycles, Now Pregnant with Laser Acupuncture

I wanted to write a case study about a particular patient who I believe is a great example of how powerful low level laser therapy and acupuncture can be. This patient, who I will call Sarah, was struggling with secondary infertility after naturally conceiving her son a few years prior. She did 5 rounds of clomid, 3 unsuccessful IUI’s, and then decided to go through with IVF. She had two cycles of IVF, both with embryos transferred and both resulting in a chemical pregnancies with no embryos left over.


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