How Acupuncture can Support a Healthier and Easier Labour

Acupuncture can support a healthier and easier labour! Throughout the second and most of the third trimester, I typically see my patients sporadically. They’ll pop in every 4-6 weeks for pregnancy maintenance or as various symptoms arise. However, I always tell them to make sure they come back more regularly later in the third trimester for cervical ripening and labour prep, which consists of weekly acupuncture treatments starting around week 36 until birth. 

How To Prepare For a Frozen Embryo Transfer - FET - My Top 5 Ways

The Top 5 Ways To Prepare for Your Frozen Embryo Transfer - FET - Preparing to have an embryo transferred can be a very stressful and exciting time. You have done so much work going through an IVF retrieval to get a healthy embryo and they are truly precious. We want to make sure they are being transferred to the most optimal uterine environment. So it comes as no surprise that I often get asked what I should be doing to help prepare my body for a frozen embryo transfer? The following are some of my top ways to help patients prepare for their frozen embryo transfer.

Why didn't my euploid embryo stick?

If you’ve had a PGT-screened, euploid (chromosomally 'normal') embryo transfer - and it wasn’t successful… first of all, I’m so sorry. It’s a really tough situation to be in. You think you’ve finally got your golden embryo, and it doesn’t stick around. It's heartbreaking, truly. And we all (your care team and your loved ones) wish that you had a different result.

I Had a C*V*D Baby

CW: pregnancy, childbirth, new baby, pandemic
Please note: This blog is about pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. For those currently trying to get pregnant, this blog could be be a trigger for you.
I am even more motivated now to do what I can within my naturopathic abilities (and our clinic's acupuncture and laser sessions) to help you optimize your fertility, whether TTC naturally or through IVF. I will have more blog posts specifically for those of you TTC (and I have lots posted on our site for you to read) during the coming weeks and months. I see a diverse group of patients at Acubalance: fertility, IVF, general gynecology, digestive and autoimmune health issues, migraines, anxiety, menopause, and pregnancy & postpartum to name a few. This blog is specific to those who are pregnant now or gave birth during the 2020/2021 pandemic.

Free childbirth acupressure training video- Supporting childbirth in the time of isolation.

Childbirth is one of the ultimate times in our life, where we must surrender to our body's innate ability to do what it was created to do. Currently however, we no longer have access to all of the support we normally would have during our births. Because of this, I decided to create a video to help teach anyone pregnant and their birth partners, how to support a smooth and healthy childbirth with acupressure. This video teaches acupressure points to help encourage the body's optimal response during labour, to help with pain management and to promote an efficient labour and recovery.

The Magical Disappearing Patient

If you’ve ever seen me in the clinic then you know I love the updates. When I haven’t heard from a patient in a little while, I’ll always send over a quick note to see how they’re doing. How did your cycle go? Are you finished the cleanse? Have the improvements held out? How are the herbs going? It’s a great way to get continuity of care while tracking successes and seeing where improvements are needed. We are always asking the question: could we be doing better? But often, believe it or not, I get the best response ever, like the email I got today.



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