Meghan Markle: What you need to know about the real postpartum period. (weeks 1-2)

Just in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard yet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, just had a baby boy. 2 days into her postpartum there was Meghan, hair blown out, in a white dress and high heels smiling for the camera crew talking about being a parent.

The Magical Disappearing Patient

If you’ve ever seen me in the clinic then you know I love the updates. When I haven’t heard from a patient in a little while, I’ll always send over a quick note to see how they’re doing. How did your cycle go? Are you finished the cleanse? Have the improvements held out? How are the herbs going? It’s a great way to get continuity of care while tracking successes and seeing where improvements are needed. We are always asking the question: could we be doing better? But often, believe it or not, I get the best response ever, like the email I got today.


Complications In Pregnancy and Acupuncture, Can Complete Placenta Previa Be Treated Naturally?

I have had the opportunity to treat a handful of patients over the years who have been diagnosed with placenta previa. This is a condition in pregnancy where the placenta forms too low in the uterus. This is a dangerous condition as the placenta covers the opening to the cervix and can detach early in labor. If the placenta doesn't move away from the cervix these pregnancies will end with a cesarean (C- Section). For most women this is not the ideal way they had wanted their child to enter the world.

Acubalance Helped Me Get Pregnant...Now What?!?

YOU DID IT!! You’ve been waiting and waiting….and waiting…. for that little blue line to show up on your pregnancy test and it finally happened! First things first, let’s do the Happy Dance. that we’ve had a chance to celebrate, it’s time to get organized. Many of my patients become so tunnel-visioned about getting pregnant, that they find themselves feeling lost once they finally become pregnant. This week’s blog post is a guide map for a healthy pregnancy.

What Are 4 Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

Have you been searching for the signs of early pregnancy? The magic symptom that will tell you for sure if your pregnant or not? Most if not all of my fertility patients are. The hard part is that there are no perfect, definitive symptoms which can 100% guarantee that you are pregnant. Besides doing a home pregnancy test or better yet a blood test with your doctor the symptoms of pregnancy are often similar to that of PMS. Very confusing indeed! Even more confusing is if women are using fertility medications.

A Love Letter to Expecting Moms

Dear One,

For the last several months, you and your Womb have stretched and expanded to house the tiny bones and organs that contain this Soul you call your child. You watched the impossibly small heart flicker on a screen and felt your own flutter to your throat. Previously, your body felt solid, stable, static. But you rumbled and shifted your tectonic plates to make room for the volume of this child. And in this shift, you somehow feel more rooted, more grounded, more solid than before.

Nausea in Pregnancy: The Barf Bag

It’s estimated that somewhere between 70-80% of women struggle with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Most of the time, the symptoms are limited to the first trimester – and somewhere around 13 or 14 weeks it’ll start to lift. Unfortunately, a small percentage of women have prolonged symptoms that can last until delivery.


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