Accepting acupuncture as a path to life

After two years of desperately trying to have a baby, Suzanne Reichenbach was told she would never produce enough eggs to conceive. At age 34, her hormone levels were virtually premenopausal.

Like millions of other modern women who have pushed back motherhood into their mid-30s and beyond, Reichenbach jumped at costly in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, the so-called petri-dish solution. But with too few follicles - the clusters of ovarian cells that house a woman's eggs - science was stumped and Reichenbach was frustrated.

Balanced hormones aid in getting knocked-up

Like a lot of women, Karen Barré had always had irregular periods, but she never gave them much thought. At least, the Langley resident didn’t worry about them too much until she wanted to have a baby. After more than a year of trying to conceive, Barré went to her doctor and found out the explanation for her wonky menstrual cycles and her inability to get pregnant: polycystic ovary syndrome.

Balanced approach to pregnancy - acupuncture helped make the whole procedure easier

The following is a newspaper article featured in the Vancouver Province on May 16, 2011, about integrating acupuncture with Western medicine to improve both fertility & pregnancy outcomes and the couples experience going through IVF. "My goal was not to just get pregnant but to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Integrating both treatments takes the best of both worlds, and it also helped me go into the whole IVF process in the best shape possible."

Download the PDF of the article below.


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