An ancient helper for making a baby - Many parents swear by acupuncture for increased fertility

After more than a year of trying to get pregnant, Vancouverite Karen Raceyfound herself having a Sex & the City moment. Like the TV character Charlotte, she was having trouble conceiving. But unlike Charlotte, Raceywas trying for her second child after an easy first pregnancy. Still, she was in her mid-30s and didn't want it to take too long. Then, just as Charlotte did and a growing number of women in North America are doing, Racey sought out an acupuncture clinic.

Adventures in Baby-Making

Dean and Aeri, a Vancouver couple in their mid-30s, tried to conceive naturally for two years. After getting medical check-ups and being told they had only a 2%-5% chance on their own, they opted for a mainstreammedical approach for revving up fertility. Basically, it would entail injecting Dean’s sperm into one of Aeri’s eggs. It’s highly invasive, involves powerful drugs, and costs about $10,000 a try. They made an appointment but had to wait several months.


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